Superstar at the Falconercenter went across the wide stage with a new

Jesus Christ and a new Mary Magdalene at the evening´s performance !

The swedish beatsinger Peter Winsnes had dragged at the white caftan

and acted his savior man more distinctly and stronger than his partner in

the role, the other swedish beatsinger Bruno Wintzell, who sang the

whole opening night, as if he had reached the sixth word on the Cross !


Winsnes did put fire in a long prayer after the Sacrament in the

Gethsemane Garden, Copenhagen F., which earlier had appeared a little anemic.

Doubting and invocation exposed to rock ´n´ roll with a mixing of roaring,

love and brutality. Verily I say, it is something ! The man got his number

to succceed, and that is what is important on earth, whereas you

in heaven shall be more aware of the Word of God !




He was the best vocalist


Picture: This morning Peter was served breakfast by his sister Kathrin and his

brother Jack before it was time to rush to school and meet new congratulators.


Yesterday he won in great style GT´s and Rondo´s finale of the vocalist competition.

Peter Winsnes is the name of the new vocalstar of Gothenburg. He is only 17

and a schoolkid from Mill Valley (Mölndal). Ronnie Hartley, the leader of the

competition, says: - That boy will go far !






”THE FLINTSTONES” changed name - became

”THE JACKPOTS” - to avoid trouble with

the fathers of ”TV-Family Flintstones”.


Picture: The Jackpots: From the left Ulf Agervi, Lars-Erik

Göransson, Morgan Agervi, Roland Mattson and in

the kneeling position – Peter Winsnes.


The Jackpots (The Flintstones) was put together in January 1961 and

has already made 4 records, but they have so far only been released in

Norway (where The Jackpots since long ago are great favorites).

One record for the swedish market is however intended, but of course

for the moment ”the trouble with the TV” prevents the release.

One disk for the swedish record-shops has, anyhow, the singer in

The Jackpots-Peter Winsnes-made. It is a Stickan Andersson text

("Schweizer-Östen") to the american hit "The Swiss Maid" by

Del Shannon. The other side of the single contains ("Bara gå")

Bobby Bare´s big hit "500 miles away from home".

Peter´s version was made long time before Bobby waxed his disk.

The reason why The Jackpots have been without Peter Winsnes the

last weeks, depends on that he has been touring with The Spotnicks in France !



The Spotnicks got Hollywood on their knees


HOLLYWOOD (Lennart Cedrup). The Spotnicks - Sweden´s most outstanding

and international wellknown instrumental group, got Hoolywood on their knees.

Despite missing their instruments, which were sent directely to Japan, they

could not perform live but it was a great success, when one of their records was

played at Whisky-A-Go-Go.

The Spotnicks´music was new to the public - so definitely of higher class than

they were used to. The floor was filled at once ! The same thing happened

at Hollywood´s second most poular danceplace "P.J´s".



Japanese hitlist

Note that Kalelia (Kerino Karelia) with The Spotnicks is Nr 1.






Swede will have the part as the danish Jesus


Picture: Peter Winsnes, in an anniversary shirt from his hometown Gothenburg,

having the audition of the part as ”Jesus Christ Superstar” at the Falconercenter.


Winsnes sang the part as Jesus with such a dramatic nerve and melodic

perfektion, that the three producers of the play Lars Schmidt, Yngve Östergård and

Richard Strangerup immediately asked him to came back for furhter talks.

Berlinske Tidene, autumn 1971



You´ll get a rejoicing feeling

Picture: Peter Winsnes as Jesus Christ Superstar in Scandinavium Gothenburg

is praised by the critic of Aftonbladet, Lennart Andersson, for his powerful and

lively creation of Jesus. Peter surrounded by Agnetha Fältskog, Dan Tillberg and other decipels.



Guided by what I have seen earlier of JCS, appears anyhow the swedish Jesus

in the clothes of Peter Winsnes, as a more forceful and lively character than

what you have expexted of the role. He has during the whole performance

a strong emanation, which concentrates the interest to him and there is

nothing wrong with his voice in spite of a threatening inflammation of the

vocal cord. Despite that Jesus is not the biggest part,

Peter Winsnes is the star of the show !



Swinging half an hour with Peter Winsnes

Musical Profile in Gothenburg


Picture: Peter Winsnes entertain with among others Taube, Dahlquist and Beatles .



Tonight we will meet Peter Winsnes in a swinging TV-show. There will be

the song "As time goes by" and other evegreens. The chance of doing

his own TV-show, Peter got after that Bosse Larsson happened to hear him

and his Combination in action, in the pianobar, at the Top Floor Club in Gothenburg.

More from the articel, please go to the biography.



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Elvis attracted crowd of people to Stenkyrka church.

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